Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May to Z: V - 100th Post

Coming to you bright and early from the Nerdatorium, I am pleased to present myyyyyyyy 100th post! And purely by happenstance, today's letter is V for Victoreus.

Victoreus, bearer of Dawnseeker the kingsword, and Savior of the Light.

He throws Dawnseeker into Lake Solara so no evil hand will ever touch it.

As Perceval drawing the adamantite sword from the shipwreck was the foretelling of the future of humanity, so is the sinking of it.
The faint glittering in the mud is symbolic - Perceval literally draws the salvation of humanity from the mud of the sunken past and turbulent flood waters. It is the new beginning and symbol - second only to the newly adopted rising sun - that people rally behind and embrace as the new hope for the future.

Victoreus is just a young, yet very brave, squire that crawls from beneath a pile of bodies on the torn battlefield - literally youth and hope arising from mass death and carnage. He sees Dawnseeker illuminated in a solitary ray of light, driven into the Blackburn Field.

When he returns to Highvale the temple is under attack. While an evil necromancer is focused on having his undead army of fallen soldiers attack and desecrate the temple, Victoreus is able to sneak up and drive Dawnseeker through his back and out his chest. All the zombie soldiers pause, look up to the sky, and fall. This act redeems/frees their souls into the light. The necromancer turns and falls to his knees in front of Victoreus - all he can see is the silhouette of an armored youth with a raised and bloody sword. Victoreus screams "for the blood of Highvale!" and beheads the foul priest of death. Victoreus, exhausted, falls to his knees and rests his head against the hilt, as if he's praying to the sword. An orc cheiftan, seeing a weak and vulnerable foe, advances and demands the shiny sword. Victoreus looks up at the reaching evil and in a last act of defiance and courage he heaves the sword end over end into Lake Solara. As the sword sinks, the orc drives a spear through Victoreus' lungs and heart.

Dawnseeker sinks point down in the bottom of the lake. Lucas emerges from the temple just as the full sun crests the mountains. The light is refracted through the water and the timeless sword is visible from the surface, pointing downward. He takes it as a sign to lead the people back down from the mountains to start over. Another significant new beginning for the sons of men is that, in their grief for their fallen kingdom and families, Fhionna Fireheart and Lucas New Dawn find love in each others' arms. They have a son, Arthur. It is he, The Descended King that settles the rest of the flatlands where humanity now resides. To this very day, Dawnseeker remains visible at sunrise, although it remains forever out of reach.

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