Monday, May 6, 2013

May to Z: B

B is for Beorngardt the Black. He's a big, beefy, burly, barbarian who wears a blackbear pelt as cape and cowl.

He is from the northern tribes where only a rare few are born with hair darker than a sandy blond. Anyone with brown or black hair is thought to be cursed and must be driven out lest they bring bad luck to the rest of the people. Darkuns are the barbarian opposite of "gingers".

There is a much more involved story explaining how Beorngardt was exiled from his family/tribe. He wandered the northern wilds and valleys for many years. When he came across the would be King Perceval while hunting a large bear, this strange westerner from the sea was the first person he had seen in well over a decade. Remarkably savage and strong, Beorngardt became one of the kings fiercest protectors and boldest of his knights.

Beorngardt lived happily among Perceval's people and eventually married Morrigan the Raven - a wild, warrior woman with glossy black hair. Imagine his pride and surprise when he had a daughter with flaming red hair! Her name will be revealed later with the letter F. She was wrapped in her father's fur cloak the night she was born and he has held her especially near to his heart ever since. She is as daring and brazen as both her parents put together.

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