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May to Z: T & T

Sometimes I love it when I forget that I've already drafted something. This first T post is one I wrote about a week ago a whim. Then as I was writing up Nenaea's post the other day, this second one just came to me. T for 2 and 2 for T.

T #1
Thronndur the Deformed, or more affectionately, Thronndur of the Underforge.

The Forge God, from the word "thrawn" meaning twisted or misshapen.

Tolkien's Dwarves were known by many names:

In the Grey-elvish or Sindarin the Dwarves were called Naugrim ("Stunted People"), Gonnhirrim ("Stone-lords"), and Dornhoth ("Thrawn Folk"), and also Hadhodrim. In Quenya they were the Casári. The Dwarves called themselves Khazâd in their own language, Khuzdul.

Thronndur is like the Hephaestus and Thor of my world. He is born of incest between his godly parents and is malformed as a result. He has a twisted leg and turned in foot making him limp constantly. He has a severe humpback that makes it impossible to raise his left arm higher than his shoulder. He is incredibly near-sighted and cannot see in darkness as the rest of dwarves can. He can only see in strong, direct light. 

Because he is so atrocious to look upon, he is hidden away deep in the center of the earth. This pathetic god actually prefers it this way because, to him, all his infirmities go away when he's at work. He can see and feel the warmth on his face, like an artificial sun. His right arm is incredibly strong, because it has full range of motion to wield his hammer. His left arm is perfectly suited to draw iron from the fire and place it on the anvil. Because he loves smithcraft so much, he is constantly at his forge, hammering away. It is the only thing in his otherwise wretched world that makes him smile. This pleasure at the forge, despite everything else, is his gift to the dwarves. His blows echo up the mineshafts as thunder and sparks light the sky as lightning. Rare earthquakes are merely chuckled at by the stalwart dwarves because it is just Thronndur momentarily away from his forge and bumping into things in the dark. 

In the unterholms, deep within the mountains, earthquakes from the coast are felt infrequently, but thunderstorms crashing against the peaks are a constant reminder to the dwarves to be mindful of their forge fires and happy for their skills. To make up in fine smithcraft what they lack in stature is a fine gift indeed.
T #2 is for Thiamu, derived from Tiamat

Thiamu is the sea serpent that coils protectively around the world. He is the elder brother of Nenaea the earth goddess. When she caught the eye of Roa, which is quite a compliment in and of itself, he first had to humble himself to asking her guardian brother for permission to court her. Nenaea was first quite terrified to leave the tangible land and journey into the fiery and boundless skies of Roa. But her brother Thiamu swore to her that he would always be there to catch her if she should fall.

Thiamu was furious when Roa impregnated his sister with the dragon children, yet did not take her for his wife. The seas raged and thrashed for 1,000 years while Nenaea incubated the children in her breast. When they hatched and bore their father's gift of flight, Roa wanted them to join him in the sky. Mighty Thiamu disobeyed the will of the Eternal One and forbade the dragons from ever flying so high as to lose sight of their mother earth. Hence dragons have always been "children of the in-between". They are earth and sky, mortal yet very long lived, fierce and calm, wise and aggressive.

Thiamu also swore that never again would Roa touch his little sister. To this day, ages since Thiamu's oath, the sun never touches land. You could chase the sun all your life and never see where it touches the ground. Always you will come to the shore where the water keeps sun and earth separate.

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