Monday, May 13, 2013

May to Z: F - 10,000 Hits Milestone

At the time I'm posting this I'm at 9,987 views. 10,000 views in less than a year (first post was 6/3/12) is rather small potatoes in the blogosphere, but for me personally it's a huge milestone!

Brought to you today by the letter in F YEAH, 10,000 HITS!! And all in under 100 published posts!

F is also for Fhionna Firehair, the flame-haired daughter of Beorngardt the Black and Morrigan the Raven. 

Before they had Fhionna, they had another child, Bjorn. He looks exactly like his father. King Perceval always refers to him as his father's cub instead of son. Bjorn is very close in age to one of Perceval's sons, Lancel. The two boys are inseparable. Beorngardt is as proud of his strong son as any father is of their boy, but a part of him feels like his "dark curse" will never end. He's not surprised that his son has coal black hair being that both his father and mother share that trait. Imagine Beorngardt's surprise at having a strong, willful, "barbaric" red headed daughter!

Like any child, especially an older brother, seizing on the difference in another child Bjorn takes to teasing his sister for her red hair. Beorngardt let's it go because it's an amusing turn of tables given his ostracism for having dark hair among a people of fair hair. Morrigan finds it less funny and teaches her daughter to fight for herself. When Fhionna is just coming of age and beginning to notice boys, she of course notices her brother's best friend, the prince, first. One day Bjorn makes the grievous error of calling Fhionna "Red" in front of her crush. He is obviously referring to her hair, but Fhionna thinks he's calling her out for blushing in front of Lancel.

She attacks her brother and knocks him to the ground with a single, solid punch - something up to this point only the grown men training the young fighters have been able to do. She then leaps on him in a ferocious flurry of punching and clawing, much like a riled female bear. Lancel realizes he must stop laughing and save his comrade, so he pulls the kicking and flailing Fhionna off her nearly unconscious brother. The only thing he can think to do to calm her down it to turn her roughly about by the shoulders and kiss her. The thoroughly pummeled Bjorn sees this through a blurry haze and is quite sure it must be a delusion. When he finally regains his senses he finds his best friend and younger sister gazing deeply into each others' eyes.

From that moment on the two are in love and Fhionna, whom Lancel renames Fireheart, becomes the next future queen of Highvale and another mother in the royal line of King Perceval.

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