Monday, May 20, 2013

May to Z: K

Kalana, derived from Kalpana - Sanskrit for " imagining, fantasy." How could I pass on a name like that on a blog like this?!

I don't like the way the P breaks it up, so I dropped it for Kalana. I imagine she'd be the benevolent goddess of dreams and reveries. She is depicted as a free spirited maiden, dancing in the starlight. She sees the physical world as being full of work and strife, and not enough fun and merriment. Thus she grants the escapism of dreams. Her gifts are always joyous and delightful, never frightening or worrisome. Doubt, drudgery, and disquiet are what she always seeks to dispel.

Some believe dreams are dangerous because one can become so enamored, especially if the Dream Maiden herself is glimpsed in a nightly vision, that those who see her are said to never fully wake again. These people are simply known as Dreamers. While they make the best poets and storytellers, and even inventors, people regard such bards as being aloof and likely to stumble into problems because they are always wandering with their head in the clouds.

I think I'll have to create a dark brother or sister to act as her opposite and sew seeds of darkness and discontent.

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