Friday, June 22, 2012

Chin Up, Knuckle Down

This is a general, but profound idea: Keep Going!

This is the second time I have posted these, but I do it as a reminder to myself and to anyone else who happens to come across them.

And don't just take Ira Glass's word for it

SFWA: We Limit Ourselves And We Need To Stop

That is all.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Set Your Compass Spinning

I would love to one day develop my world(s) to this level:
The World of Farland 4E

I don't see that happening because 1) I severely lack the needed focus 2) I don't game, I just build and 3) I don't have other people traipsing through. My creations are just a place for my imagination to roam and stretch its legs on a wander.

Is it just me, or do you other worldbuilders/writers also worry that these things you make become real - say as a parallel world - and you feel this pressing obligation to them and the people/characters? I'm not trying to say I have a god complex, far from it actually, but can you imagine being a person in these places and feeling as though the Creator got bored and turned his back. I hope that isn't the case because I'd be a shite Creator indeed. Just a thought.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

All 8 Continents

Camera cable found. This is where I last left off with my first go at fantasy world building.

I give you Schiehallion:

I really need to come up with an overall name for the world/planet, but so far nothing has come to me.

That does give me reason to give you another link:

Serendipity - Fantasy Name Generator

Please excuse. As you'll see the site is in the process of a rebuild ( !@#$%^&* spammers!) but what is back is great. The feature I miss most is the ability to generate a list of names because I used that a lot to put multiples together and make minor tweaks. There was another clever one that gave very English sounding place names - I think the old description was something like "for those new housing communities that wish they were quaint towns in the English countryside". My fingers are still crossed that it will come back again.

Friday, June 1, 2012

While the Whole World Waits

I laid out all of the Schiehallion continents on the back of my drawing board and snapped a few pics. And now I can't find the cable to transfer them from camera to compie. So that will have to come later.

For now take a gander at other pretty pics in the galleries here:

Terragen Photorealistic Landscapes

And if you want to feast your ears on epic music while feasting your eyes on the stunning visuals, here you go too:

Youtube Epic Music Mix

Of course you don't have to listen to them in order - I like the later versions myself. Just search "epic music mix". They make for one hell of a world building soundtrack, but be warned, the cat may jump up and look at you like a crazy person when you disturb their slumber by shouting "Fus Ro Dah!"