Monday, May 21, 2012


I give this one a question mark because I don't know that I like the name anymore. They were going to be called the Romons, but c'mon, really? I didn't think so either. And now that I look back Aeglars doesn't grab me like it used to. I know what I want the culture to be; nearly polar opposite from the Caldonii. Where the Caldonii are more or less peaceful homebodies who can raise guerrilla hell when pushed, the Aenglars are militaristic conquers who fight in heavily ordered regiments. Take my original inspiration - "barbarian" Briton tribes against "civilized" Roman legion. Geography has always impacted how I write. It defines the culture in the way the land requires people to live, it will only allow certain lifestyles before you're fighting an uphill battle against dwindling resources. Carrying capacity folks, it's where it's at. And speaking of battle, topography greatly dictates fighting style, which in turn is evident in weapons, armor, architecture, and so on.

None of that means a great deal because these are very basic, blank outline maps, but trust me it's all there.....I just have to get around to it. So enough jabber, here's Aengland....

If it isn't really obvious, this is England. Just England. Not the entire United Kingdom. There is no Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, or North Ireland. It's pretty blah with no rivers or terrain features......but that makes this even more of a bonus!

It's not the greatest copy ever, but this was the result of hours of effort on behalf of my cousin-in-law Kara. Thanks again Kara! I know it probably wasn't as hard as I imagine for a professional to polish the amateur crap I gave you and actually make it look like.....well, a map. I still think it's impressive. Not my work, yours.

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  1. Zowie, that looks cool. It's nice how things look better over time. Not that I didn't like this map at the time I made it but really, I'd sort of forgotten about it. So, when you put it up, I didn't realize til I read further that it was the one I worked on for you. Funny! :) I'm glad you like. I do love that Illustrator and Photoshop....