Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May to Z: L

The lovely Lady Lucia is the wife of Perceval and Queen of the kingdom of Highvale.

She is known as the Lady of Light because she is very devoted in her worship of the sun. It is she who names the nearby lake after the sun, calling it Lake Solara.

Because she is very beautiful, second only to the ageless elf maidens. And with beauty comes jealousy from others. As such, it is whispered that she is having an affair with the fierce and golden-haired knight, Leonhart. When the prince Lancel the White is born he favors his mother's fair hair, which only fuels the rumors that he is not Perceval's son. And that he's named for the lance, a favored weapon of knights - Leonhart in particular - helps not at all. It's worsened by the fact that Lancel longs to be the squire of Leonhart, whom he idolizes. Leonhart does not call Lancel "my prince" because such honor is not fitting for a mere squire. Instead Leonhart calls him "son." Tongues continue to wag throughout Lancel's life that he is not a full blood prince

Perceval's second son, Lucas, is unquestionably his. He looks like his father in every way, but instead of sharing his older brother's penchant for fighting, he is pious like his mother. Lucas spends much of his boyhood in quiet study with the priests in the temple of the sun. People are more willing to accept Lucas as the future king because he is noble and devout and doesn't seek glory through battle.

Because Lucas is well on his way to becoming the next high priest, he does not participate in the Battle of Blackburn where his father, brother, and over 80% of the knights are killed. He survives because he's is favored by the sun god. This blessing saves the temple from falling to the dark army because Lucas prays for light and valor to be shone on he who bears his father's sword, Dawnseeker. He meant this prayer to protect his father, but because Perceval is already dead when Lucas voices this, it passes to the next to carry the king's sword. But that story doesn't come until much later with the letter V.

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