Friday, September 7, 2012

More Fantasy World Maps

I'm somewhat familiar with Faerun/Forgotten Realms thanks to the volumes of players guides I've amassed. Or at least I'm about as familiar as one can be for never actually gaming...I'm starting to think I must remedy that. While Ed Greenwood's world is great, it does have its flaws (if you care, ask a geek). I can easily ignore some geographical abnormalities as long as the story doesn't suffer for it. My issue with Faerun is that it has a really complex history, which is very understandable considering the run of its development. I like that though. Bring it on! Lots of history and mythos - my bread and butter.

Other gamers seem to like Eberron, but I know next to nothing about it. If I spent all my time and money buying up established world resources, my own fiddlings would suffer, and that I cannot abide.

Whatever your tastes are, you can't argue with the overall fantasticity and astoundingness of these maps

Eberron World Map

Khorvaire World Map

Detailed Khorvaire Map


  1. Eberron was the winner of the D&D "new setting contest" 10 years ago. I've always harbored a healthy dislike for the setting; not only because I dislike the "steampunk but with magic" concept, but also because Eberron is an "everything and the kitchen sink" setting - if it can be done with D6D, it's in Eberron.

    The best D&D settings, IMO, are still Graybox Forgotten Realms (before the Time of Troubles), Planescape, and perhaps Greyhawk.

  2. i care, im asking a geek... :)

    my fave D&D worlds were and always will be athas (dark sun) and sigil (planescape) and the latter has really interesting scope for maps.

    1. A topographical problem is how mountains appear anywhere and everywhere just because someone felt like it :) Another problem is that forests and jungles follow the same pattern of randomness. Anyway, you only get that sense when staring at the map on the wall/floor/tabletop - the stories themselves don't suffer. Therefore, I can live with it. Who am I to criticize Ed Greenwood...ya know, published author and all