Friday, August 10, 2012

Worldbuilder Toolbox

There are lots of questions a worldbuilder must ask when setting out to create. Some are involved, some are very involved, and some are so obvious that you wouldn't ever think to think of them. The list goes on and on. That is primarily the reason I created this blog in the first place. I want it to be a resource toolbox for anything and everything a worldbuilder would need.

Like anyone with a creative spark and internet access, when I sit down to do something I usually end up doing something else. As such I have found many many worldbuilding sites, which now crowd up my favorites list and bookmarks. I'm going to share those with you. About a dozen such links are already scattered through older posts if you care to scroll through the past.

Today I present you with these: - Fantasy Worldbuilding

SFWA Worldbuilding Questions

Worldbuilding Strategy

This is what I'd hope my blog to be. Helpful, insightful, well written.

Because honestly when I am looking for worldbuilding resources I just Google "Worldbuilding". Best of luck fellow builders. Whether you find it here or elsewhere I'm just glad someone somewhere is crafting other someones somewheres.

I know how much (aka how little) this blog is visited and I figure that's because I'm not really out there. Well I am now! I finally broke down and joined Facebook, with Pinterest soon to follow. [Insert resigned sigh here]

Curse you life-sucking social media! Bless your potential usefulness.


  1. that SFWA link has been invaluable to me over the years. im always going back to it whenever detailing new regions.

  2. I've been trying to maintain a WB link library but it's like herding fleas. You fix one, another goes bad...

  3. Indeed, sir! My 3 big WINS in order will be: finish a story, get published, join SFWA. But they all require I quit screwing around and put pen to paper.

  4. Yup SFWA is on my "want" list too (I think they don't actually require residence in the US as long as you get published there in a professional market, but I could be mistaken.)