Friday, August 24, 2012

Share and Share Alike

I'm a hobbyist. No more. No less. I do this because I like to - nay, because I love to! Maybe someday I'll design a game or write a book, but for now I worldbuild just to give my imagination and fingers something to do. It makes use of an anthropology education I don't otherwise feel gets made use of.

I have been posting my links and favorites and tools and goodies with the hope that someone stumbles across them and can use them. We geeks like to pay it forward and network - despite the stigma of having a complete lack of social skills. That being said "successful" worldbuilding is as much about education, imagination, and connection as it is about timing, luck, and incredible discovery.

The point I'm rambling along and trying to make is, CHECK THIS OUT! You must, your world(s) and imagination need it, demand it, and will thank you for it. Once you finally do you will kick yourself for every moment you knew of it and didn't listen.

My buddy Nils over at has linked to the phenomenal (but sadly over and done with) podcast Shakespeare & Dragons

I'm only on Episode 4 and it's completely blowing my mind! I'm sitting here mapping and doodling as I listen and Episode 3 alone gave me a glorious headache from the sheer volume of information and concepts and suggested exercises. Needless to say, I will finally proceed to check out on with Guns, Germs, and Steel that's been sitting in my cart for weeks.

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  1. your first paragraph in this post could ahve written by me! im getting pretty fed up at my dead-end callcentre job and need a change though i have very few options. I've had little success in selling fiction (selling a few stories to online mags) though to be honest ive never really tried that hard. an rpg based on my world would be the best bet, but make my own system or adaopt it to the D&D OGL (which i do like?). decisions decicions.

    that podcast looks great, ill listen to episode 1 when i get home from work.