Sunday, August 19, 2012

D&D Deluge

Last time I promised D&D links. So here you go.

First off you need to know what to call your character. I have to have a good name....nay, a great name. Once they have the right handle, the character builds themselves.

D&D Character Name Generator

Then you have to figure what they're going to do. They can't just float in the void or hang out in the tavern - unless that's their schtick and what you were going for the whole time.

DM Adventure Ideas
300+ adventure ideas - especially useful for DMs. If you can't find something here that gets the juices flowing, I have horrible news friend, your imagination is broken. Finito. Kaput.

If you need a little more than a one liner to get going, try this

Adventure Hook Generator
I especially like the Bare Bones version because I tend to outline this way. The intro to the D&D Classic is pretty catchy too.

Just for added fun, take the quiz and see who you would be in D&D. Who says you have to create an avatar to play? You know you (well, maybe). How would your persona transmogrify into somewhere like the Forgotten Realms? Find out here.

D&D Character Quiz
I always come out a ranger druid, I guess that's just my inner Aragorn.

Let's say you're more into by the book D&D character creation (but you don't really buy the book), without getting into the raging war of which edition is best, I present to you

D&D 4E Character Creation
The Dummies How To of 4th Edition character creation - I especially like the starting gear pack, but you can nit pick through the Players Guide goodies if you wish.  

A shadow of fear passes over the village. Menace drifts on leathery wings. Circling the mountain, it lands on the jagged peak and releases a bellowing roar with a gout of flame. DRAGON! - D&D Dragons
Types of dragons in D&D - and one of the best one-stop-shops for all things scaly and toothed that I've ever come across.

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