Monday, December 3, 2012

New Maps and other D&D Adventures

Last Friday was a big day for me. Not only did my vinyl maps get delivered [insert cartographer geek squeal here], but I was also out until 1 AM playing my first ever session of D&D. I will say this, what a great way to kill several hours with a fun bunch of guys. Thanks a ton Marcus, I had a blast...even if my character SUCKED!! Word of warning people, if ever you have to create a quick level 6 character to replace the cool level 15 ranger that it took you hours to create, don't go with a dwarf druid healer that takes a penalty of  -1 on ranged attacks.

I'm now thinking that D&D will become a regular thing for me (well, as regular as it can be for a grown man with work, school, and a family to consider). I know I want to DM games and, through trial and error, I now have a much better understanding of creating characters. I'm even looking at getting a vinyl grid mat that I can scribble on.

As for the other vinyl mats/maps that came Friday, Ansaera looks fantastic, and huge. 3x6 folks, that's a big freaking map! Westerlands is awesomely marker-friendly and the perfect size for a tabletop game mat.

I'm so impressed with both of them that I placed a new order with Banners on the Cheap this morning for a 2x2 Galinorn.

Pics will come later when I rearrange the Nerdatorium wall hangings to accommodate the new goodies.


  1. Congrats on your first D&D session.

    Characters "sucking": Well, mh. D&D is fairly combat-heavy, so, yeah, if all the other players have "optimizd" characters and your DM will balance monsters for that, it'll be a bit frustrating at times. But in the end it's the personality of the character which matters.

    Also, we demand photos of the banner maps! ;)

  2. Calm yourself. You'll be pleased to know I took down the current nerdatorium wall hangings to make room for the new. The big world map will be across the back wall where all the Tolkien stuff was before.

  3. No Calm! Gief maps! NAO!!! ;)