Saturday, December 15, 2012


My last map from Banners on the Cheap came yesterday, and again, I'm impressed with how it turned out. Now y'all (mainly you Nils) can quit having an old fashioned geek fit and get down to gawking ;)

First up, in honor of The Hobbit movie opening, a classic oldie but goodie

This map of Beleriand is still tucked in the corner where is always was

The Ustalav region of Pathfinder is also in its original location

As is the 4 panel Pathfinder Inner Sea Region

Now, on to the newness! This 3x6 foot mega-map now takes up the back wall above my drawing table. I had to take an angle shot from each side to minimize the washout from the flash.

Above the computer desk is (from left to right) Galinorn, the north-central continent from above, the Westerlands, and the Forgotten Realms

This Galinorn map was the last to be delivered, not due to slow shipping, but from me not ordering it with the first two. I don't know why.

The Westerlands in all its GIMP glory. This is the world I'm currently focused on as it's where our dice throwing adventures take place.

The Forgotten Realms is roughly where it used to be, just moved down a bit.

And I had room to move it because my wife gave my the fantastic idea of putting the bookcase on its side to allow more wall space. Great thinking, wife!

And to finish off, the Pathfinder town maps are in their original location, but shuffled a bit so they didn't get caught in the scanner.

So there it is folks. The Neo-Nerdatorium. I was thinking that the new organizational setup would also help my oragnize my thoughts and imaginings, but I'm beginning to believe that nothing short of prescribed medication will help that.

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  1. Those look awesome! The 3x6 foot mega-map has some odd vertical lines it seems, are those in the original or an artifact of the printing process?

    Also, what resolution did you send the banners guys?

    Make sure you send the original author of the maps a link to this, too!