Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Waste(d)

I don't have much for the blogosphere/bloggerverse today being that it's Christmas, I've been drinking steadily for about 22 hours (with a bit of sleep in the middle), and I'm at my parents' place meaning all my links/favs/pics are not here with me.

My recent activities have mainly been geared towards DM prepping for my homebrew campaign. Wish me luck, I'm DMing for the first time ever this weekend. The world is pretty well built by now, I have down on paper (and still quite a bit in my head) the character/race/class info players will need to get started. I already know the first encounter the group will throw dice for, and I have plenty more that we can game with in the future. Many are stand alone adventures, but with easy work-in-ability later if we decide to run a single linear campaign.

So I'll get my minis printed up sometime between now and Saturday (because it's easier and cheaper than figurines) and confirm who is showing up, and that's that.

This feels like an incredibly wasted post, but it's all I could muster today.

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