Monday, November 5, 2012

Printed Fantasy Maps At A Good Price

 I came across a great post/recommendation for printed maps from Banners on the

As you can see from Zachary Houghton's post on his blog RPG Blog II he scored a vinyl 3 x 5 wall hanging map for under $28. That sounded pretty sweet to me, so I shot them an email asking if I could order a few of my own and any limitations that may apply.

Their lovely "Customer Love" (mind you, not just plain old 'customer service') team sent me a reply the next business day which read:

Greetings Realmwright,

Good afternoon & thank you for your inquiry!

WOW! There must definitely be a trend going on with these map banners!! What a wonderful idea, I've seen quite a few of these creations lately!

You can certainly order the images you want, the only restriction is that we cannot print images that have a watermark on them.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any additional assistance!

Have a great day!

Thanks for choosing us for your printing needs, we know you have many options for printing and we are glad you have chosen us.

Melissa Mcquiston
Customer Love Team

How's that for service? Prompt, courteous, enthusiastic, and all at a great price! Needless to say I will start saving my pennies for my own wall hangers. They will be the Ansaera and Westerlands maps I previously posted (with permission from the artists, of course). Now I just have to find more wall space in my nerdatorium...

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  1. I printed my star map at a local photo shop. IIRC it was A1 for 20 Euro or so. Awesome quality, too.

    "If you're using a photograph, then you should use a good resolution JPG image. Try to find the highest quality image with a file size less than 12 Megabytes (12 MB)."

    That's pretty much a no-go for maps, really... my star map is ~30MB (blurred version) or ~75MB (pixel noise background) - and it's at "only" 300dpi.

    But hey, maybe I am wrong - looking forward to pictures of the finished banner maps.