Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yawn...But in A Good Way

My buddy Nils over at is the Gandalf to my Frodo. He drags me from my hole and opens up whole new worlds through his experience and wisdom. I cannot thank him enough. He's been a patient mentor, chat buddy, and a great sounding board for new ideas (and sometimes rehashing old ones).

His latest finds/contributions are these: 

Yawning Portal Maps 1

Yawning Portal Maps 2

You really really need to check it out. I'm floored by the number and posts since March. I cannot imagine having the drive and dedication to pull off a blog like Yawningportal. Tom's experience and know how goes back decades, and it absolutely shows. His passion and penchant for D&D obviously shows, but it's equally impressive how versed he is in other games and design as well. The man makes his own miniatures and settings for gods' sake!

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  1. Yeah the guy's a really good map-maker. I hope he can create digital versions of his maps some day (inkscape/Illustrator - I have a feeling a clean, drawn style would suit those maps best).