Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fantasy Bar Fight

This here is a great idea from the Land of Nod blog.

Fantasy Bar Fight table

And what's a bar fight table without chairs, flagons, and mugs with which to bash opponents?

Thus, since you checked your weapons at the door, you must improvise with what's close at hand to make sure you come out on top. So here's a quick addition I whipped up:

glass bottle/ceramic mug - does +1 damage, but breaks after one hit
metal tankard - does +1 damage and can be used 3 times before discarding
brass knuckles (which you conveniently forgot you had in your glove) - does +2 damage, but other players will spot the unfair advantage after 2 turns and gang up on you, or the barkeep will thump you unconscious with a blackjack/sap for "cheating" in a fair fight
table - does +2 damage if a person is knocked/thrown/body-slammed through one
chair/stool - does +3 damage, or knocks an opponent unconscious instantly if you roll a natural high

If you're still standing around when the town guard arrives, roll a d6 (for luck) to see what your punishment is.
1 - you are fined heavily and run out of town, meaning you cannot resupply or scout for jobs
2 - you have to pay for *damages and spend 1d6 nights in jail
3 - you have to pay for damages and spend the evening in jail
4 - you only have to pay for damages
5 - you only have to pay 50% of damages
6 - you're strongly advised to clear out and the authorities will be keeping a keen eye on you, meaning you cannot commit any other crimes, intimidation, or general rambunctiousness while in town or else spend 1d6 nights in jail

*DM's discretion for how to calculate damages - the bar keep nickel and dimes the cost of every broken table, chair, mug, etc. (assuming you have an equipment list that prices these items), or it's a flat fine for each player of 1d4x10 gold.

A modification of my own would be to roll 1d10x2 for the number of occupants in the establishment. Minus 1d4 for noncombatant bar staff. Roll another d4 for NPCs that just back against a wall and stay out of it.


  1. Good stuff! I love when one idea spawns others.

    1. Thanks John. Your blog really is inspiring. In fact it led me to roll up a few more goodies