Saturday, August 10, 2013

Are You A "Real" Writer?

By lurking around Myke Cole's blog I found Chuck Wendig's blog. And here's what he has to say.

Are You A "Real" Writer?

I guess that settles it.


  1. But... does a slow-moving blog, a collection of fictional world histories and two very unfinished novels that I'm currently almost afraid to touch constitute, "writing?"

    1. YES for 3 reasons:
      1) The fact that your blog produces images which you had both the talent and know-how to create
      2) Only the histories of your fictional worlds give you trouble, not tectonics, pantheons, magic systems, zoology, etc.
      3) You have at least begun writing not one, but two novels.
      All of these indeed make you a real writer....and mean you're better off than I....curse you >:\