Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Mad Lands

I slept on it and I think I may still include this last piece in Schiehallion. I never had a name for this island beyond The Mad Lands. I know, it sucks. It was a minor part of the story that I'm not sure if I'll use or not.
Here it is:
It's nothing spectacular, just Australia spun a bit. The idea was that there was some sort of toxic spore emitted from within the earth that would drive any living organism mad. People, animals, fish, plant life, anything alive. It was a rather weak story point known as the Time of Madness, or simply Madness. The idea behind it is that the wicked, jealous earth god sought to wreak havoc on the things living on the surface because they are all by products of the benevolent sky god. It sounds rather Biblical when I say it like that, but I'll cover that more later.

Anyway, whether I keep this as The Mad Lands or not is what has me stumped. I could see how it goes keeping with the idea that it's this cradle of blight. Or I may make it the homeland of the reptilian Thissians and bring them in from another world - Vastmorlund - the same world of the Armans, Sumaka, Mantu, and Torongo. I'll have to give it some thought. Vastmorlund was never a favorite of mine, just a happenstance that came with practice.

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  1. i like the mad lands as a name. its pretty evocative, though more as a colloquial name or slang term used in-world, than an official name