Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is Farnoria, the aboriginal homeland of mankind. This is where it all began....for the humans at least. This was "home" ages ago when men were first learning to craft and forge. Barbaric, tribal clans were the peak of development.

I don't have any grand or concrete ideas about this place. I had decided a long time ago that I wanted the Caldonii to be a race of wanderers and that they would have come from somewhere before leaving Galedon for Schiehallion. The reason for the exodus from Galedon was war with another people, the Aenglars (more on them later). The question that is burning in my mind now is "Are the Aenglars human?" When this began they were. They were in fact modeled very much after the Romans that invaded Brittania and tried to subjugate the Picts and other Britons. I had this notion for the "advanced" militaristic society to invade with superior armor, weapons, tactics, etc. But now I think 'that's been done to death before'. 

What really troubles me is Bethesda's "Skyrim". I started all this years ago before I'd ever even heard of Elder Scrolls or played Oblivion or even cracked a D&D book. Now I find myself surrounded by such inspiring distractions because they're part and parcel to being a fantasy geek. And Skyrim is the worst of them all because it's the best of them all. It's so well done and amazing that I spend way too much time with a controller in my hands, making new characters and wandering them around and thinking up their back story, time I should be spending at the keyboard doing my own stuff. As anyone who has played it knows, the Nords (a fairly standard name I'd used for my Vikings on yet another map) are the hearty scrappers seeking to free their homeland from the very Romanized empire. I don't want to do that yet again in my story. So I'm seeking to adapt. Maybe the Aenglars possess magic that makes them better at war - they can fight from a greater distance meaning simply more of them walk away from a battle than those that meet blade to blade.

I'll have to delve more into this and see what bubbles up. Until now the only race that was going to have magic in the world was faeries. Hmm.....


  1. Nice new blog Chuck! Sorry for the lack of comment so far. Being pregnant has made me more scatterbrained and lost than usual. It looks great here. Nice, very nice.

  2. Thanks lady cuz! We miss you guys. Let's play.

    In regards to the posts, you earned a mention. And pregnancy brain aside, when are you gonna splash more creativity on ye old blog? Science Apples was months ago. Where's all the Big Banginess?

  3. OK, sounds great. Miss you guys too....

    Well, the reason is that I've not been motivated to put anything up. PLUS what I DO want to put up, I'm not sure I'm allowed to. Say character art for a Sony movie and some cute little dogs I illustrated for another company. See? It's so tricky. Probably not really but that's the way it's seeming.