Friday, May 25, 2012

Knorr'd and Landen

These are basically the last of the maps for Schiehallion. There was going to be one more, but I may discard it however well it fit the planet, tectonically speaking. These two were kind of the beginning of the end for this world. I made them because I felt I didn't have enough....then decided maybe I'd done too much. Once I had totally overwhelmed myself I stepped away for a while and began fiddling with other worlds. I thought that using maps others had already created would give me less to do with worries about topography and I could focus on people, monsters, locations, etc. Then I just never really returned to Schiehallion until I started this blog to give me reason to go back.
This is Knorr'd. It's eastern coast was once butted up against NW Schiehallion and Western Galedon (the Carvetti region). It has now drifted westward in a slightly polar motion making the northernmost island nearly uninhabitable, but prime whaling and seal hunting territory. The largest landmass is much like Norway with extremely rugged coastlines and deep fjords. A mainly fishing/seafaring people the Knorr'ds (another obvious name used in Skyrim) are modeled very closely after Vikings but without the tendency to raid and pillage foreign lands. They mostly fight amongst each other over fishing rights and who builds the best boats. The hostilities aren't so brutal, but there is many a slugfest if peoples from the rival communities have a few too many.
This is Landen. It used to be one very large continent until an asteroid slammed into what is now the eastern sea area and broke the land into two. The following earthquakes and upheavals brought more ocean pouring in and swallowing over half the land Atlantis style. This is where I stopped.

Another world I developed shortly after this was Vastmorlund, but that will be my next post. I'm now considering pulling in cultures from that world to place on/in Landen. They would be the Mediterranean like Arman Empire and the rival jungle peoples of Mantu and Torongo. But if I do that then I may also have to transplant the Thissian lizardfolk and the Arabian-style Sumaka as well. We'll see, since only the Arman and Sumaka were even human.

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