Monday, November 25, 2013

Maps by Max

I was blown away by the work of fellow guild member Maxime Plasse. He is obviously a very talented individual with a natural eye for map making. He has graciously permitted this handful of images.
**please note that these are copyrighted images and are NOT for use without explicit permission from the artist**

Because Max did me the favor of allowing me to post his work, it seemed only fitting that he get to pick which pics were shared. Enjoy!

Erin the Green Isle

Oraven the Cold Hell
Oraven the Savage Lands
Oraven the Red Moors
Oraven Mirghor
For even more astounding maps, check out Max's album of original artwork and commissions.

What can I say? I was hooked the moment I saw the Erin map of Ireland. If you remember from my earliest posts, Ireland was the outline map I chose for my first conworld, Schiehallion.

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