Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kickstarter 4 - Blade Raiders Novel

Grant Gould's Blade Raiders was among the first Kickstarter projects I ever backed. And given how impressive the RPG rulebook and Enemy Omnibus were, I see no reason that I'd ever not back more of his projects.

That being said, I've thrown money at his latest project for a Blade Raiders: Exodus Novel. I really like his artwork - Wolves of Odin was fantastic! - so yes it super sucks that this project wasn't funded as another stunning graphic novel, but I agree that it's very likely to come across as a better story in novel form. The stretch bonus is that the book will include a few illustrations per more money raised.

Please please please support this project. Grant is a fabulous artist, genuine geek at heart, and from what I can tell one hell of a nice guy.

Join in. Cash in.

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