Saturday, September 22, 2012

What's in a Name?


Fantasy Name Generator
Great for run of the mill fantasy race names. Cool length feature I haven't found elsewhere.

Skyrim Name Generator
Whether you're rocking it old school with Oblivion, or wasting hours in Skyrim like yours truly.

Warhammer Name Generator
This one is pretty specific by race and geared completely towards Warhammer, but what an awesome name. I haven't played it, but the books are great. The Sigmar Trilogy is one of my favorite fantasy series ever.

Majesty Name Generator 
Specific to the Majesty kingdom simulation game. It doesn't generate more than 4 names at a time, but it does provide a nice option of sorting by class. 

1,000 Fantasy Names
1000 fantasy names - It's unusual to come across a huge list like this with so many generators out there nowadays. But this works if you don't want to keep clicking "generate".

Fantasy Names and Places
Complete name lists and generators - Not sure what you're looking for? Chances are you'll find it here.

Angelfire Elf Name Generator
I really like this one because it tells you what the name means. You can either sort through and pick a name with a specific meaning/theme, but I really like throwing dice for random results. I picture an elf wise one casting runes to name a newborn and calling them what the runes divine. Also cool to answer that burning question of "What would Johnny Depp look like as an elf?"

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