Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting the Right Look

So by now you have a fantasy world, or a dozen, and a named character, or a few hundred, that live therein. But what do these intrepid heroes look like?

What's that you say? You've spent all this time writing and building, but not doodling and envisioning a personage? So what. You can always have these guys do it for you. - Custom Character Portraits

Amazing galleries! Your chosen price determines the end result and detail of "the look". Some people think art is a waste of time, but screw them. I think it's great to support other artists and at least help get their work out there even if you're not directly commissioning a piece.

Whether or not you're wanting to commission works, or if you're just wanting to wander the woods and peruse some more awesome art, head over to It's where I really got my start and fell in love with fantasy artwork. I'll post a few links to my favs next time.

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