Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Together. Again.

These are oldies but goodies.

Red Dragon Inn.com

Red Dragon Inn is always useful, whether you're needing character/town/tavern names, a dice roll when you find yourself without any, and especially if you're heading out on a quest, but need to do a bit of shopping first at Sal's Outfitters. I especially like "window shopping". I just hope Sal doesn't mind that I'm always in there perusing and handling the merchandise, but never putting down the coins for anything. I also frequently nerd out with the dwarven name generator since I've created my own runic alphabet and I love "translating" the names. It's got the great feature of being able to choose realistic or fantasy names. And you can get clan/surnames too. The elven name generator is great too, but I get confused with the gender option. How can you tell by a name if one of those pointy-eared, limb-skippers is a guy or girl? Ain't they kinda known for being androgynous-ish?

Greywolf Doodles

Greywolf's gallery is great for picturing the merchandise from Sal's Outfitters (since there aren't pics, only descriptions). I've cruised the gallery many times and never do I leave uninspired. The drawings are imaginative, simple, and I absolutely love the rough pencil work. I can imagine the items on a table/shelf, armor on a mannequin, or miscellany piled in some slain dragons hoard. Rummage to your heart's content, but remember, Thorin II Oakenshield will hold a grudge if you pilfer the Arkenstone.

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  1. Whoa, Greywolf's site is an awesome find.

    I wonder if he'd mind licensing out those sketches...