Friday, June 15, 2012

Set Your Compass Spinning

I would love to one day develop my world(s) to this level:
The World of Farland 4E

I don't see that happening because 1) I severely lack the needed focus 2) I don't game, I just build and 3) I don't have other people traipsing through. My creations are just a place for my imagination to roam and stretch its legs on a wander.

Is it just me, or do you other worldbuilders/writers also worry that these things you make become real - say as a parallel world - and you feel this pressing obligation to them and the people/characters? I'm not trying to say I have a god complex, far from it actually, but can you imagine being a person in these places and feeling as though the Creator got bored and turned his back. I hope that isn't the case because I'd be a shite Creator indeed. Just a thought.


  1. That's a cool world. However, doing something like this isn't all that hard. The one crucial advantage this guy has is that he's using fractal mapper; this allows him to generate very detailed maps that match other scales. The problem with FM is that the geology is obviously wrong. No world with plate tectonis would look like that.

    I'll add it to my monthly link list for sure though. Good find.

  2. It freaks me out to think that characters I create could be stuck in the place I last left. Sometimes I get busy and totally forget about them. They could be in a real predicament that I am stuck at. Not a good thought!!!

  3. I know. Last I heard Marianne and her beau were still beaten and locked in a dungeon while the evil prince was running rampant. Where you at with all that?

  4. quite a crepy thought, in which case ive been responsible for the death of billions of lives... or at least allowing them to rot in limbo after i forget about a world or setting.

    though when im writing i do get the feeling that im just discovering the story and characters... i know its cliched in a way but i really do feel as though the characters write themselves and im just transcribing their adventures.

  5. Thanks for spotlighting my world. I appreciate.

    --Ric, Farland Webmaster