Monday, September 12, 2016

Living with Immortals

What have I been up to lately? Well, let's see, "lately" encompasses the 608 days since my last post, so the answer is both "quite a lot" and "a whole lot of nothing."

Being a dad and a busy data entry guy take up most of my time. What time I do have generally still finds me in ye old Nerdatorium, clacking away at the keyboard just as I do in my day job - but having way more fun doing it.
Nearly all of my posting efforts have gone to my DeviantArt gallery, but I've also been working on a couple of things that I'm not going to splash onto the interwebs for free (for fear of it being taken and published by someone else before I get to it myself).

Over Christmas I began writing a short story to contribute to Author Jason King's anthology, due out in about a year. That took several weeks and tweaks before it was sent off to the editors.
That more or less contributed to me joining Jason's new publishing house, Immortal Works, as an Acquisitions Editor. Currently I'm working on my first assignment and loving that I'm contributing (again).

As I devote more and more time to writing and/or editing, I have less and less to waste on things like video games, rolling dice, Youtube, and Facebook. But like so many in this digital age, I continue to find myself sucked in again and again.

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