Saturday, March 1, 2014

Man About Town

Back in September I posted about Cityographer and the city and village generators on Inkwell Ideas, which provide great visuals. Then today I found these other city generators:

Crystal Ball city generator - this gives a great deal of detail and allows a lot of customization. 

Red Dragon Inn town generator  - a text based generator that includes a calculator for the populace, tradecraft, and even inn names.

Chaotic Shiny medieval city generator and map generator - these are a little sparse, as they're text based, but what it lacks in visuals it makes up for in description. There are several other place generators from terrain to market and tavern.

Myth Weavers town generator - specifically geared towards D&D 3.5 this gives half a dozen options to customize size, military presence, and form of government as well as a few others.

Greyscalegorilla City Kit - this goes well beyond the medieval hamlet with an immensely powerful and customizable cityscape generator. For the price, it certainly delivers on an urban oasis that Godzilla would love to stomp flat.

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