Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feeling Conflicted

For the past several weeks I've been struggling to get a real story down on paper. A problem I'm having is that I've spent so much time world building that it's hard to focus on characters and their POV. One world is a huge sandbox and another is rife with characters and clashes. But which character(s) and conflicts should I focus on?  

So cruising the interwebs for ideas, suggestions, advice, etc. I came across these. 

Excellent series of articles for injecting conflict into the pulsing veins of your flat-lining story Part 1 - Show Don't Tell. Because after reading The Silmarillion I lean way too heavily towards dry, historical exposition Part 2 - Adverbs. They can be your friends as much as adjectives.
Fantasy Part 3 - Kill Your Darlings. Oh c'mon, that alone makes you want to read on! Part 4 - Stories Need Conflict. This is the one I sought out because I was struggling to struggle.

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