Monday, April 22, 2013

What's Inn Store

To follow up on my earlier post about towns and what they offer (besides adventure and trouble).

Your characters just hit town. It's been a long journey of mixed weather, trails and trials, and they're fresh out of supplies. Thankfully their last adventure/delve put some coin in their pockets and they're looking to spend. You could even say they have some magical items, but they don't know what they do or what they're worth. They could have some gems too, but these must be traded and appraised first since most merchants only deal in coin. If you have raw goods, you can try to barter and haggle. - Gem Generator

Maybe you have things in need of repair: clothing to be mended, dented armor to be beaten out, broken wagon wheel/axle, wounds to be seen to, weapons to be sharpened.

You're probably craving a hot meal and you definitely need a wash. Maybe some feminine company if you're so inclined.

Let's not neglect the fact that you're adventurers. Your pay is made by taking on tasks - typically of the daring and dangerous variety. You'll need to make contacts to scout for future work...unless you plan on retiring tomorrow and putting down roots.

So where to?

Let's start with the inn and tavern. It will take care of the meal, bath, "leisure activities", and it's likely the bartender/innkeeper will know of work - and of course share some gossip. - Random Inn Generator

http://donjon.bin - Inn Generator

Wondering what to call the local watering hole? - Tavern Name Generator - Tavern Name Generator

Once fed, cleaned, and satiated (you might want to wash again), let's head over to the general mercantile. You can say it's a single store, or the market square has opened and is in full swing. - Sal's Outfitters - Magic Item Shop

Now you're healed, rested, resupplied, and off on your next adventure. But who's to say that the "barmaid" doesn't have a little surprise for one of your characters when (and if) they circle back to this town again in 9 months ;)

Maybe more than one of your group was her midnight visitor. Which of you now has to claim this bundle of joy? Do they step up, or run for the hills? What does this reveal about that character's character?

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