Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writing Tutorials

It's not often I write anything. I'm am way too easily distracted by building and fleshing out worlds. The more I learn, the more I'm inspired to learn more. Then I have this compulsion to try to work in everything. It's a vicious, twisting cycle of creativity.

If, like me, you struggle to rein it in - or perhaps you're looking to start, but don't know how/where - I highly suggest these tutorials.  
Elfwood Writing Tutorials

Go figure that as a worldbuilder, I liked the Setting articles best.

These tutes are just a smattering of what is likely hundreds that you can/will find, I'm just biased because Elfwood is where I got my start oh so many years ago.

Word of warning: It's always great to have that home base, fallback that you know you can rely on, but don't rely too heavily on just one. But don't neglect it either. Case in point, I had a profile on Elfwood as Zombiegunslinger with which I'd save favorites, comment, and meet lots of awesome folks....then something happened and I lost it all! Thus I began again as Realmwright.

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